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Your Memories Requested Please.... Old School Supers Gaming

When I think about old school fantasy gaming, I think about all sorts of sizes of dice - including some made up for April Fool's Day tables.  When I think about old school supers gaming, my experience was quite different.  I think about d% for the old Marvel game and pile of d6s for Champions.

What size (or sizes) of dice do you most associate with old school supers gaming? 


The DiceCube, a plastic container of 36d6. Pretty much everyone in my Champions campaign ended up owning at least one, and usually used about half the dice. When you have 10-12 players at once, you encourage 18d6 attacks and 25 defenses so that combats don't last 8 hours realtime. :)
Of course, for my most significantly old-school supers gaming, you need the orange polyhedrals that came with V&V's box set.
More dice-cubes here. We played some Champions in the early 90's.
A: Diceless MSH in the back of the school bus.
B: Handfuls of D6s, mostly from Axis and Allies for Champions.

D20 for M&M these days.
2d10 in some format. As the earliest (successful), supers gaming I did was old MSH (Percentile which meant 2d10 at the time). Later I also played the DC Heroes game, which used 2d10.

I've gone back many times to MSH, and still think it is a fine game that was very well done. These days I use more "strange" dice for superhero gaming (My supers game: d4, d8, and d12.)