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Virtues as Decision Makers

For Discussion:

How would you give Virtues in Scion "more teeth" - give them more power to drive behaviors?

And why would you want to?  (Or not want to, as the case may be....)

Why do I ask?  Thinking about playing aliens/alternate cultures, what carrots and sticks can be employed to keep the character from just being a white guy in a prosethetic forehead?

Thanks for your thoughts.


Well... we never really got to involving them. But it was a good reminder to me that these gods had attitudes of a different era, and that a character intended to appeal to them had to behave in ways not appropriate to today's society.

I don't know if I'd want them forced on me... but I think that the character's adherence to them might modify reaction roles with their pantheon/other pantheons. An Aesir can be trusted to hew things. An Aesir who doesn't like hewing things? You can't trust that!
Contrawise, one should point out that generally, a Scion is _raised_ in modern culture, and that modern culture may have little to no connection to how the gods behaved. Ari, to use the example we have at hand, actually wandered up and down the scale, depending on how affected she was. When drunk on god-wine, she let one of her crew take a man away to be raped and eaten alive.
When sobered, she refused to let her pride in her reputation damage the show that was being performed, out of respect for the general professionalism of show business.

These are absentee parents, and while they may grant their children tendencies... the children _are_ of the new world, beyond the Enlightenment.