Camelot’s Shame is now Available to the Public!

Last year, I wrote “Camelot’s Shame” for my wife in honor of our tenth anniversary.

Today, I am releasing, for the first time, “Camelot’s Shame” to the public.

Camelot’s Shame is a role-playing game inspired by the various legends of Arthurian Camelot and uses a trick-taking, Tarot-based mechanic.

Both hard and soft cover versions are available through  Hardcover ( ).  Softcover ( ).

Proceeds will go toward the celebration of our 11th Anniversary.  ;)


Breaking Up Is Hard To Do.

Note that this is not an angry huff - more of a sigh and an acknowledgement.

I'm not renewing my paid LJ account when it comes due in three days.

I've been logging on less and less frequently.  And I've been posted even less frequently.

I'll be honest - Twitter (and to a lesser extent Facebook) has been filling the role previously filled by LJ.
There is a role I wish LJ could fill, but it doesn't work for me - that of facilitating on-line play.  Mores the pity.

When I make my rare blog posts, I will use and it will continue to mirror here.  This will mean that WIMPR will need to evolve in its scope - and that I will need to mature in my use of Wordpress, but change is growth and learning is life. 

I am thankful to LJ and the connections it has let me make, but we've just grown apart.

It's not you LJ, it's me.

As always,
Doc Blue
Two-Fisted Statistician

Scales for Character Definition: Example - Steam Punk

I'm toying with an idea of using setting relevant scales to define characters.
Both ends of each scale should have some mechanical advantage, even if it just interacting with characters of a similar scale ("Birds of a feather...")

I'm looking for your thoughts in general about the idea of scales for character definition.
I'm looking for your thoughts in specific about the scales I used for the example of Steam Punk. These thoughts can be about missing or alternate scales, better names, etc.

Here is a draft example using Steam Punk.
Scale ("Range")
Class (Low <-> High)
Science! (Applied/Engineering <-> Theoretical/Mad Science)
Reputation (Respectable <-> Scandalous)
Development (Physical <-> Mental)
Profession (Practical <-> Creative)
Ethics (Criminal <-> Religious)
Wild Gift (Psychic <-> Magic)


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Virtues as Decision Makers

For Discussion:

How would you give Virtues in Scion "more teeth" - give them more power to drive behaviors?

And why would you want to?  (Or not want to, as the case may be....)

Why do I ask?  Thinking about playing aliens/alternate cultures, what carrots and sticks can be employed to keep the character from just being a white guy in a prosethetic forehead?

Thanks for your thoughts.

A Space Oddity

Magentamom and I watched the CSI episode A Space Oddity over the weekend.  This had the dual effect of putting in the mood for con season and putting me doubly in the mood for some old-school sci-fi.

So - as a reward for kicking yard tail on Saturday and as motivation for tackling much over due laundry folding Sunday (instead of being outside) - I headed out to a local video store (a chain store) to pick up something (Space 1999, ST:TOS, original BSG, original Doctor Who, something) to watch on my DVD.

No dice.

Okay, fine, local book store chain B1 had a good selection of DVDs last I checked.  While I didn't want to buy something, maybe I could get a deal. 

Again no dice.  It looks as if they are getting out of the DVD business.

Frustrated now, I head to yet another book store chain (B2).  Not only do they have a much better selection of DVDs, but when the clerk overheard me mention Star Trek to my brother on my cell phone, he became immediately helpful, pointing out several options not in the regular racks.

I picked up the Star Trek Time Travel Fan Collective and the store now has my DVD business.

Of course, now I am in the mood for some sci fi gaming that reproduces the mood of the sci fi of my youth....

Geek Safari

Folks -

I need some positive confirmation on intention to attend or not attend the Geek Safari over the July 18th weekend.

Unfortunately, it seems one family will not be able to join us, opening one of the cabins.

If we do not get confirmation soon, we will be looking at cancelling cabins so that we do not get stuck with rental fees for cabins we don't use.

Please take this friendly reminder in the mood that it is intended. ;)


Your Memories Requested Please.... Old School Supers Gaming

When I think about old school fantasy gaming, I think about all sorts of sizes of dice - including some made up for April Fool's Day tables.  When I think about old school supers gaming, my experience was quite different.  I think about d% for the old Marvel game and pile of d6s for Champions.

What size (or sizes) of dice do you most associate with old school supers gaming? 

It's a Super-Heroes World

Thanks to everyone for their comments on core of old school Supers gaming.  Let me recap to see if I've captured the essences of what you said.

If you are a super hero, you: Cool stuff,
...solve Mysteries, Your life, and
..............Kick butt

Does that sound about right?