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Zorceror of Zo

What is Zorcerer of Zo?

Once Upon a Time, in the Zantabulous Land of Zo...

Tailors face giants, enchanted queens dance with human peasants, talking creatures perform domestic duties, witches cast curses and fairies grant blessings. And all are seeking their Happily Ever After.

The Zorcerer of Zo (ZoZ) is a fairytale RPG by Atomic Sock Monkey Press, publishers of Dead Inside and Truth & Justice.

So what?  Well, I asked this question earlier today of ASM....  

If I preorder ZoZ today, when will the flying monkeys deliver the actual physical book?

Or to ask a slightly more relevant question to my decision process - if I order today, is there any chance of receiving a copy before Christmas?

And Chad responded:

The pre-order period will run until late December (rough date, December 27th): we need to get the 50 pre-orders to cover the printing of the first run for IPR.

So, if you ordered today, you'd get a PDF within a business day, but a physical copy would take until early-to-mid January.

HOWEVER, if we suddenly got 50 pre-orders before the end of the week, I'd try to jumpstart the process earlier -- so those first 50 people might be able to get their copies immediately before or after Xmas.

So -- tell your friends. :)

And So?

Zorcerer of Zo is a fairy tale game.  With a simplified version of the rules from Truth & Justice.  They call it the: The "Good Parts" PDQ System—a slimmed-down version of the PDQ Core Rules, complete in itself, suitable for fast-paced, straightforward fairytale play.

This means: (1) While PDQ worked reasonably well with the Indigo Jester, I have hopes the "Good Parts" PDQ System will work even better.  (2) Fairy Tales.  Can you say good for telling stories with Kids?  (3) You should buy it/pre-order it for the gamers you know with kids.  Or for yourself.  If we can push Chad over the 50 pre-order mark, Santa might just deliver it to the Crayon Box for Christmas.

And I think that would be a good thing.


The Relevent Link:
Zorcerer of Zo

Relevent Reviews:
"It contains very useful advice for GMs, including a section discussing how to play and adapt the game with children, depending on their age. I recommended it as an excellent resource for someone wondering how to create a campaign for -- or with -- kids. It shoots to the top of my list of the best RPGs to play with kids, along with Faery's Tale."


And here's another link of relevance, whereupon websnarkmeister Eric A. Burns says words to the effect of, "I can't really tell you to buy it without a conflict of interest, given that I edited it…but what the heck, buy it anyway."
Thanks for the shout-out!

It's entirely selfish, I assure you. ;)

I want you to get so many orders that you can ship for arrival near Christmas. ;)