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July 6th, 2009


Breaking Up Is Hard To Do.

Note that this is not an angry huff - more of a sigh and an acknowledgement.

I'm not renewing my paid LJ account when it comes due in three days.

I've been logging on less and less frequently.  And I've been posted even less frequently.

I'll be honest - Twitter (and to a lesser extent Facebook) has been filling the role previously filled by LJ.
There is a role I wish LJ could fill, but it doesn't work for me - that of facilitating on-line play.  Mores the pity.

When I make my rare blog posts, I will use whereismypowerring.org and it will continue to mirror here.  This will mean that WIMPR will need to evolve in its scope - and that I will need to mature in my use of Wordpress, but change is growth and learning is life. 

I am thankful to LJ and the connections it has let me make, but we've just grown apart.

It's not you LJ, it's me.

As always,
Doc Blue
Two-Fisted Statistician