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Dynamo City Times

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Doc Blue
18 July
The original Doc Blue, Two-Fisted Statistician, operated in during the early 20th century from a secret series of laboratories hidden beneath the Smithsonian complex.

The second Doc Blue was a masked mystery man during World War I and added the Allies in their fight against the Axis both in the states and abroad.

The third Doc Blue was the first man to bear the name who could also be truly called a Hyper Hero. He operated following the Dark Age of Heroes caused by the so-called McCarthy hearings.

The fourth Doc Blue walked a fine line between hero and vigilante. Darker and grimmer than his predecessors, he operated during the Reagan-Bush presidencies.

This blog is operated by the fifth man to bear the name Doc Blue. While some call him the Doc Blue of the new Millenium, what legacy he will leave for the name has yet to be determined....